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Photo: Metromix

GOOD FOR: Dinner, brunch, tacos, upscale mexican, group

WHERE: East Village

ATE: Guacamole; Griddled Egg Whites with zucchini, kale and salsa; Hummus and Kale Tacos 


I had been wanting to try Alex Stupak’s food for a while, and ended up having a somewhat spontaneous brunch at Empellon Cocina. To set the scene, this brunch included 5 ladies and one lady’s fedora-sporting New Jersey pal named Luigi. But back to the food…

I ordered a bloody mary (or two) and we shared the guac, which was super fresh. Then again, barring any cilantro overuse, I rarely meet a guac I don’t like.  I also enjoyed the super thin masa chips that were served with it. A pal and I shared the griddled egg whites and kale and hummus taco— vegetarian goodness, yaknow? I enjoyed the taco, though it was sort of forgettable, but the griddled egg whites were really delicious. One could almost not notice that it was sort of healthy. 

As I’m not usually a mexican-for-brunch type gal, I still want to go back and try dinner OR Empellon Taqueria in the West Village. Takeaways: griddled egg whites and Luigi’s instagram handle “Luigesus.”

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