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Photo: The Scout

GOOD FOR: Food lovers, adventurous, intimate setting, special meal 

WHERE: Carroll Gardens/Cobble Hill

ATE: 5 course tasting menu; peach and buratta on toast (amuse bouche), strawberry gazpacho (amuse bouche), spring peas with lobster and dill, spaetzle with fried egg, arctic char with spring vegetables, short rib with crispy kale, fruit financier with frozen yogurt 

RESERVATIONS: For 5-or 7-course tasting menu, no for à la carte 

Battersby has been top of the must-eat list for a while, and after a failed walk-in attempt, I committed to making a reservation for the 5-course tasting menu. 

The tasting menu is spontaneous, so every table could theoretically receive different dishes, which I found awesome and indicative of the creativity going on in the kitchen. We received two amuse bouche, and I had a one-bite love affair with the buratta and peach on toast. In theory, this dish is easy enough to make at home, but something about the perfection of the super-sweet peach and creamy buratta might be difficult to replicate.

I could go in depth about each course, but when it comes down to it, everything was fresh and innovative. Highlights for me were the spaetzle with egg (show me a fried or poached egg I don’t like), and the tender and decadent short rib. Also, the arctic char looked raw, but it was cooked just enough to be warm all the way through yet retain a raw-consistency. I’m not a fruity dessert person, so the financier didn’t totally speak to me, but I enjoyed the frozen yogurt (sorbet?) that it came with.

We actually saw a few parties walk in and not wait too long, or sit at the bar, and I would love to go back and try à la carte options. It took a while to get there, but this is a meal worth going to for any food-lover. 

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