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Photo: Eater 

Good For: Trendy, (lady) date, mexican

Where: Lower East Side

Ate: Guacamole and chicharrons, shrimp and butterfish ceviche, scrambled eggs with sea urchin, chicken wings with mole spices, chicken wing and braised octopus taco, carnitas taco, pumpkin mole taco, charred cauliflower 

Reservation: No, waited an hour mid-week 

Going to a new restaurant during the first week can be hit or miss, but sometimes the mexican gods call and you just have to listen. The wait was about 45 minutes, and given the plentiful bar options in the area, it wasn’t so bad.

While we way over-ordered, the pacing of the food was a little aggressive. I loved the first three items that arrived: scrambled eggs, ceviche, and chicken wings. The scrambled eggs had a really salty sea flavor because of the sea urchin, and the trout roe in the dish added a good temperature and texture juxtaposition. The ceviche was flavorful and fresh, and a necessary non-fried addition. The chicken wings were spicy (edible spicy, unlike Mission Chinese wings) but could have used more sauce on top and less dry rub. That being said, we finished off the very large plate. 

Next, the table was attacked by tacos, guacamole, and cauliflower. The only thing of the evening I didn’t like was the cauliflower, which had WAY too much vinegar. The fact that the guacamole comes with chicharrons is decadent, but nonetheless it is deep fried deliciousness. I only wish these had come in the beginning of the meal, because it was still pre-tacos and I was rapidly approaching full. Actually, I was already physically full, I just wasn’t mentally full. The chicken and octopus taco was only okay, but the carnitas taco was really flavorful. I also really loved the intense flavor of the pumpkin taco, and it’s nice knowing I could go there with a vegetarian pal and they have options for a real dinner. Besides the pacing, dinner was really enjoyable and the space has a playful vibe that’s worth returning to. 

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